What Are Rubber Bungs And Where Are They Used?

rubber bungsThe rubber bung (also known as a stopper) is available in either a straight or tapered shape with the main application to plug the holes in metal plates, seal an opening in flasks, test tubes or other types of laboratory glassware.

The tapered bungs are suitable for a variety of applications with an extensive range of panel-holes. The tapered design typically offers a tighter fit and are generally available in Rubber, but cork is also available for different applications. However, the rubber bung is more preferred for applications that necessitate a higher level of chemical resistance or tighter seals.

The Main Purpose Of The Rubber Bung

The main purpose of the rubber bung involves stopping liquid or gas from escaping from the container it is stored in during scientific experiments.

A rubber bung also serves the purpose of preventing contamination in regards to samples in the way of protecting contents inside the laboratory glassware from exposure to air.

Lastly, using rubber bungs also allows the experimenter the ability to mix or shake solutions without spilling the contents.

The Rubber Bung Shape

The shape is a simple design, but along with the correct material, provides a very affected solution for such a simple device.

Invoice Finance And Factoring And What They Can Do For You And Your Business

Invoice Finance And Factoring And What They Can Do For You And Your BusinessYou’ve no doubt already heard the terms “invoice financing and factoring” while trying to finance your business. That said, your expertise is in the field in which you’ve opened a business. Unless it’s a financing business, you likely have no idea what those terms mean.

Invoice financing and factoring refer to a specific type of business funding. It’s not the normal kind of business loan, however, it’s similar to a secured loan, but not quite. Like a secured loan, the funding is secured by any unpaid client invoices you have.

So either option allows you to borrow against the perceived value of any unpaid invoices you may have. Invoice financing and invoice factoring go a step further, allowing you to close the gap you have between the invoice date and the due date as long as you’re willing to pay a fee.

Invoice Finance

calculate cash flowInvoice finance isn’t a good fit for everyone. It’s best if you have either an in-house credit control system, or if you’ve outsourced invoice handling.

You receive funds that equal a certain percentage of your outstanding invoices, based on the specific agreement you’ve signed.

This is usually around 90%, though that number may change depending on various factors.

New Study To Help You Deal With Dental Phobia

Study To Help You Deal With Dental PhobiaIn a recent study published in the British Dental Journal, the fear of dental treatment was analysed among over 130 participants. For many, the mere thought of going to the dentist is uncomfortable and unsettling. It often leads to people that never go for routine checkups or even go to the dentist, the side effects of which can be incredibly detrimental.

This new study suggests that the fear of dental work can actually be cured. However, the key may lie within cognitive behavioural therapy. If even the most fearful patients can learn to relax in the dentist’s chair, they may finally be able to have mandatory procedures done without anxiety.

The study in question was held at Kings College. Each participant underwent talking therapy that lead to feeling comfortable enough with dental treatment. In most cases, as many as three-quarters, in fact, the participants were even able to go through their procedures without sedation. This is an excellent sign for those that have always dreaded having their teeth worked on!

This is a very significant breakthrough since even the possibility of sedation only does so much. If someone is outright afraid of even stepping foot in a Dentist to begin with, they are going to let the health of their teeth go unaddressed full stop. It’s a very brutal cycle that will only feed on itself until the underlying phobia can be dealt with.

The study was comprised of nearly 100 women and just over 30 men. Their therapy clinic was held at Guy’s & St. Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust. The vast majority of the group all had major dental phobias. A quarter or so had lesser reservations, such as a fear of specific dental tools or an aversion to the potential pain of the treatments. Around 80 percent of the group was able to deal with their phobia head on, whereas 6 percent still needed sedation. On average, it only took around 5 therapy sessions for them to get over their fears.

Considering TOGAF Certification? Learn 5 Reasons To Do It!

Considering TOGAF CertificationJust What Is TOGAF?

TOGAF is a kind of framework that is used to develop enterprise architecture. Organizations around the globe use it to improve the efficiency of their businesses. This framework has the power to help users with utilizing resources, ensuring consistently-applied methods, standards, and communication across enterprise architecture professionals. Approved by The Open Group, fully-accredited training courses help you become TOGAF certified.

Attaining TOGAF 9.1 training and certification means that you establish yourself as the cream of the crop in the field of enterprise architecture. You learn and then also demonstrate that you have a thorough comprehension of reasoning behind each element of its structure. You also have the power to develop and rearrange your own business architecture to heal its weaknesses.

On top of all this, TOGAF has plenty more advantages, all of which enhance your value to an organization, if not at least your current team. There are factors across the entire industry in fact that are good reasons to get TOGAF certification.

The following is a list of 5 specific reasons why you should invest in your personal skill set, as you aim for TOGAF certification, the peak of enterprise architecture:

1) Demand For TOGAF Is Growing:

A big reason for getting TOGAF certification is because there is booming demand for enterprise architects. The United Kingdom leads the world in TOGAF certifications among professionals, home to over 15 percent of all certifications.

10 CV Must-Haves For Your Job Application Success

Application SuccessWhenever you are applying for a new job first impression are so important. With that in mind, have an up-to-date, accurate, well-formatted, clean and tidy curriculum vitae can give you a head start you need to fast track you to the interview.

Most CV formats are designed to be adaptable to fit many different employment opportunities. To maximize the impact of your CV and gain success during your job hunt, ensure that you include each of these ten points.

How To Contact You

If an employer can’t get in touch with you, your CV isn’t doing its job. Make sure to include your email, primary phone number, and your address. Your email address should be a professional sounding one.

History Of Employment

cv 1Show your strengths and skills by highlighting your responsibilities and tasks.

However, the ones that you choose to include should be relevant to the job you are applying.

Educational And On-The-Job Qualifications

Talk about the knowledge or skills that you have developed both in school and on-the-job. The key achievements that relate to the position you are seeking should be highlighted.

List Your Experience

If you are new to the workforce, bring up any volunteer activities you have been involved with, as well as school clubs.

Reduce Your Marketing Costs With These Low-Cost To Business Promotion Techniques

company promotionStarting a business is hard enough without the constant costly marketing efforts required to bring targeted customers to your business to convert into sales. However, finding effective ways to market your business can considerably increase your profits.

This article takes you through a number of different simple but effective promotional techniques that you can use for your business to increase your brand awareness and ultimately your sales.

Understand Your Target Audience For Maximum Impact

Write a list of your potential customers that are most likely to be interested in your products or services. Understand why they would be interested and the best ways to reach out to them to get your message in front of them.

Increase Your Brand Awareness With Your Target Audience On A Regular Basis

Think of ways that could get your brand, your image, your unique selling points and your main tagline in front of your target audience on a regular basis. The more times your prospective customers see your brand, understand what you specialise in the more it will stick in the forefront of their mind to contact you when they need to.

If you own a shop, think how personalised shopping bags could help increase your brand aware. Other potential customers will see your brand and your promotional message and want to make contact with you. The more customised bags the prospective customer sees will be inquisitive to find out more.

Think of other types of merchandise that specifically targets your target audience. Maybe that’s a pen for potential customers that always write, or a mug for someone that always drinks coffee At their desk before they place their order.

Deliver Your Goods In The Right Way – Our Top Tips

packaging boxesIf you are sending parcels in the post, whether they are presents to friends or goods to your customers, these top packing tips will help ensure your parcel get delivered in one piece.

A Jiffy Bag Is So Easy And Provides Great Protection

If you’re sending smaller items, try using Jiffy bags. Jiffy bags can make packing the item so easy and provides great protection to ensure it arrives in one piece.

There are many different types of Jiffy bags, different sizes with a different quality. Ensure that you choose a good quality Jiffy bag, along with a cheap deal, but this normally means you need to buy in bulk, which could end up lasting a very long time.

Bubblewrap Provides Great Protection And Is Also Great Fun

Bubble wrap is great for protecting your products in transit, but also provides many hours of fun, popping the bubbles.

Bubble wrap is available in big roles, reasonably priced and great for wrapping around each product to provide additional protection. You can place the item in an oversized Jiffy bag, in a box with other items wrapped with bubble wrap or cover with ‘Kraft’ paper for a safe delivery.