About Me

me David SandersHey guys, how are you all doing? My name is Dave Sanders and I’m from the South of England in the UK.

Many thanks for visiting my blog, I hope you enjoy it

I’ve been in the packaging industry within the UK for the last few years and I’m a keen writer, along with plain football, squash and a few other sports.

I’ve put this book together mainly as a release for me to write about the things that I enjoy, I have a passion for and that I know about.

This website is still quite new and I’m still learning, some sure our make a few mistakes along the way.  I will be adding more posts over time, which I hope you find interesting.

Taking time to read through the posts and if there’s any think that you find interesting or would like me to write about them please contact me through my contact page.

I would like to build up a few readers and would love to interact with you guys out there through my website.

Hope you enjoy. Take it easy.
Dave Sanders

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