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Deliver Your Goods In The Right Way – Our Top Tips

packaging boxesIf you are sending parcels in the post, whether they are presents to friends or goods to your customers, these top packing tips will help ensure your parcel get delivered in one piece.

A Jiffy Bag Is So Easy And Provides Great Protection

If you’re sending smaller items, try using Jiffy bags. Jiffy bags can make packing the item so easy and provides great protection to ensure it arrives in one piece.

There are many different types of Jiffy bags, different sizes with a different quality. Ensure that you choose a good quality Jiffy bag, along with a cheap deal, but this normally means you need to buy in bulk, which could end up lasting a very long time.

Bubblewrap Provides Great Protection And Is Also Great Fun

Bubble wrap is great for protecting your products in transit, but also provides many hours of fun, popping the bubbles.

Bubble wrap is available in big roles, reasonably priced and great for wrapping around each product to provide additional protection. You can place the item in an oversized Jiffy bag, in a box with other items wrapped with bubble wrap or cover with ‘Kraft’ paper for a safe delivery.