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What Are Rubber Bungs And Where Are They Used?

rubber bungsThe rubber bung (also known as a stopper) is available in either a straight or tapered shape with the main application to plug the holes in metal plates, seal an opening in flasks, test tubes or other types of laboratory glassware.

The tapered bungs are suitable for a variety of applications with an extensive range of panel-holes. The tapered design typically offers a tighter fit and are generally available in Rubber, but cork is also available for different applications. However, the rubber bung is more preferred for applications that necessitate a higher level of chemical resistance or tighter seals.

The Main Purpose Of The Rubber Bung

The main purpose of the rubber bung involves stopping liquid or gas from escaping from the container it is stored in during scientific experiments.

A rubber bung also serves the purpose of preventing contamination in regards to samples in the way of protecting contents inside the laboratory glassware from exposure to air.

Lastly, using rubber bungs also allows the experimenter the ability to mix or shake solutions without spilling the contents.

The Rubber Bung Shape

The shape is a simple design, but along with the correct material, provides a very affected solution for such a simple device.