Considering TOGAF Certification? Learn 5 Reasons To Do It!

By | February 25, 2017

Considering TOGAF CertificationJust What Is TOGAF?

TOGAF is a kind of framework that is used to develop enterprise architecture. Organizations around the globe use it to improve the efficiency of their businesses. This framework has the power to help users with utilizing resources, ensuring consistently-applied methods, standards, and communication across enterprise architecture professionals. Approved by The Open Group, fully-accredited training courses help you become TOGAF certified.

Attaining TOGAF 9.1 training and certification means that you establish yourself as the cream of the crop in the field of enterprise architecture. You learn and then also demonstrate that you have a thorough comprehension of reasoning behind each element of its structure. You also have the power to develop and rearrange your own business architecture to heal its weaknesses.

On top of all this, TOGAF has plenty more advantages, all of which enhance your value to an organization, if not at least your current team. There are factors across the entire industry in fact that are good reasons to get TOGAF certification.

The following is a list of 5 specific reasons why you should invest in your personal skill set, as you aim for TOGAF certification, the peak of enterprise architecture:

1) Demand For TOGAF Is Growing:

A big reason for getting TOGAF certification is because there is booming demand for enterprise architects. The United Kingdom leads the world in TOGAF certifications among professionals, home to over 15 percent of all certifications.

The two-year period of 2013 and 2014 saw the numbers of freshly certified TOGAF professionals grow bytogaf 9.1 efficiency almost 11,000, which was almost a 50-percent increase. These numbers should give you an idea of the rate at which the certification is growing, on top of its UK popularity. TOGAF certainly has momentum that is fueled by the demand for more professionals certified in TOGAF.

One single factor behind the growth in demand is that more and more individuals in IT and related sectors are starting to realize the long-range importance of both enterprise architecture and the related certifications.

IT technologies and advances in architecture are both increasing in prominence in all sorts of business operations, so factoring them into your business planning is critical in both near and far future. Companies that fail to do this risk their architecture and technology becoming obsolete. So, that’s why many companies are on the hunt for TOGAF-certified professionals.

Take advantage of that by getting certified so you can help feed the market’s needs.

2) Learn A Common Dialect:

Professionals certified in TOGAF speak a common dialect, sharing a communal knowledge and expertise. That’s a great thing to be a part of. Since it is distinct to enterprise architecture professionals, it’s a tremendous asset that can help grow both IT and enterprise architecture.

You can use the skills and expertise of this to even enhance your own managerial skills. One of the main purposes of TOGAF is showing you a better way to spot your company’s needs. When you master the language and school of thought that enterprise architecture, then you are in a better place to lead your team and possibly even your business in regards to meeting those needs. That all makes you a more effective leader and manager.

3) Meet Your Company’s Demands Better:

Another essential focus of TOGAF is educating you in how you can better meet the demands and requirements of your organization. In practical terms, that can mean looking over IT budget expenditures and isolating areas where spending could be done more efficiently or effectively.

analysisIn addition to this, TOGAF tries to show you where teams might have the possibility of fitting better together. When you combine all this, you have skills that make operating your part of the business (or all of it) a far more fluid affair.

This is one aspect of TOGAF certification that has serious impact. Gaining the ability to see the parts of your business as a whole gives you the power to see where streamlining can happen. You can cut down on costs and reduce friction, increasing efficiency between departments.

When you are TOGAF-certified, you can become the ‘simplifier’ within your organization. That is sure to impress both managers and directors, as they learn your insight is not something they see every day.

4) Coworkers, Employers, And Clients All Trust You More:

You know by now just how unique the skills that TOGAF certification gives you are. In addition to their value to you personally and professionally, you need to remember that TOGAF is a certification that is recognized around the globe. That means it has a high level of trust from coworkers in your industry, employers and bosses, and clients around the world. Your certification tells the world that you have demonstrated and elite skills.

5) Invest In Your Future:

Increase your individual worth in your organization with this certification. You can expect a pay rise after your certification and possibly even promotions.

Consider those certified in TOGAF 9.1 in the United Kingdom. Their average salary is almost seventy thousand pounds a year. Combine that with the demand in growth, and you’ll see how businesses in several industries are warming up to the need to compensate TOGAF-certified professionals well.

Also, since TOGAF is the pinnacle of enterprise architecture certification, you don’t have to go chasing other certifications. You already have the money maker, and it will last you a while.

TOGAF is among the most popular certifications in enterprise architecture, and many professionals should be looking at it. This is due to longevity, versatility, and the return you get on your investment.

The growing demand is happening because it applies to a number of different industries and employment duties. Those who have it are able to improve the efficiency and fluidity of their organizations and they have new career possibilities open up to them.

Be certain this certification is right for you, but if you think that it is, then, by all means, go for it!

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