Deliver Your Goods In The Right Way – Our Top Tips

By | February 10, 2015

packaging boxesIf you are sending parcels in the post, whether they are presents to friends or goods to your customers, these top packing tips will help ensure your parcel get delivered in one piece.

A Jiffy Bag Is So Easy And Provides Great Protection

If you’re sending smaller items, try using Jiffy bags. Jiffy bags can make packing the item so easy and provides great protection to ensure it arrives in one piece.

There are many different types of Jiffy bags, different sizes with a different quality. Ensure that you choose a good quality Jiffy bag, along with a cheap deal, but this normally means you need to buy in bulk, which could end up lasting a very long time.

Bubblewrap Provides Great Protection And Is Also Great Fun

Bubble wrap is great for protecting your products in transit, but also provides many hours of fun, popping the bubbles.

Bubble wrap is available in big roles, reasonably priced and great for wrapping around each product to provide additional protection. You can place the item in an oversized Jiffy bag, in a box with other items wrapped with bubble wrap or cover with ‘Kraft’ paper for a safe delivery.

Printing Or Handwriting Address Labels?

hand written address labelsDepending on how many parcels you are shipping each day, will depend on how cost effective to either print or handwrite the address labels.

Printing labels can look more professional, but if you only have a few parcels to ship, can be very time-consuming. The next time you print labels, time yourself and you will be surprised how long it takes.

For the handwritten address labels, use a quality black pen and write in capital letters. Depending on the quality of your handwriting, you may need to practice to ensure a good level of quality. However, after some practice you will be surprised how fast you can write address labels and how professional they will look.

What If Your Parcel Gets Wet?

As your parcel gets transported from one courier to the next, in and out of their vans, in some cases if your parcel is rained on, the parcel can get where and easily damaged.

To avoid your items getting damaged, ensure they are well protected inside the box with additional packaging, such as chippings, more cardboard or additional bubble wrap.

To ensure the address label stays in one piece and is legible for a safe delivery, ensure that you cover it with a layer of clear Sellotape to provide adequate protection for safe delivery.

Create Your Own Packaging Area

It’s so easy not to look after your packaging, storing them in a less than ideal place where it can get damp or damaged to the point where it can no longer be used.

Packaging can add additional cost to your item, so therefore ensure that you store the packaging in a dry safe place. Also, ensure the packaging is accessible and can easily be dispensed to ensure each item is quickly packaged. Time is money, the longer you spend packing your items, the less time you have to carry out tasks that will make you money.

Weigh Your Parcels Before You Go To The Post Office

boxesIt’s important to know how much it will cost to send each parcel before you take it to the post office. Have a set of scales handy, whether they are industrial scales or just bathroom scales, depending on the size of your parcel. Using scales to weigh your goods enables you to calculate the delivery cost.

If you’re sending smaller items, in most cases, the most cost-effective way to pay for delivery costs is using stamps. Have a good supply of stamps in a folder that you can easily and quickly stick to your parcel to get it out the door in the quickest amount of time.

Choose A Courier Service Carefully To Meet Your Needs

These days there are so many independent courier services that can offer great deals on particular types of delivery services, depending on your needs.

Search online for courier services, compare their services and their prices and their locations. If you find a local independent courier service that looks promising, give them a call and ask to meet their sales representative to discuss what deals they can do for you.

Packaging your products in a secure safe and fast way can save you time, money and your reputation. I hope you found our tips useful to ensure that your parcels get delivered in a safe, secure and timely way.

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